Dogs per night. Check out at 1:00 PM

      - $18 for 1st dog

      - $16 for 2nd dog

      - $14 for 3rd dog

      - Day care $12 per dog

Cats per night. Checkout at 1:00 PM
     -$14 per cat.

     -$12 for 2nd cat 

     - Day care $12 per cat

Senior and military discount:

     -$16 for dog

     -$12 for cat

Dogs and cats checked out after 1:00 PM          will be charged a $10 late fee.

-All dogs must have these current vaccination records or they will NOT be boarded:

           - Rabies

           - Bordetella

           - DHLP-PV

           - K9 Influenza 

- All owners must sign contract limiting liability and providing Country Inn Dog and Cat Kennels the power to seek any necessary veterinary care especially in case of emergency.


-Walks $5 per 15 minute walk.

-Play time $5 per 15 minutes. 

-Food may be provided at a fee of $1 per meal for both dogs and cats. 


- Most dogs and cats.

-Vaccination records required

-Rates available upon request.


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All Dogs must now be current on the canine influenza vaccination as well as all previously required vaccinations.